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Men & Women

Men & Women

By September 16, 2021No Comments

Women are ahead in mind
Men are ahead in physical world
Men see far
Women see close
Men see the big picture
Women see the little things
Men build physical world
Women visualise it
Men are heads
Women are necks
(Retrieved from L.Viilmaa)

Are you looking for equality? Is it equal enough?
Currently the perception is that women want to man up these days, the question here is where does it leave men then?
Men are men and women are women they are complete, together they create.
What is the fight here for? Why the fight?

Ask instead:
What is the beauty of the differences we are?

What if you lose all the rejections, separations judgements and expectations about the differences of a man or a woman just for today, what could that create?

To be continued…