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Just for fun

All life comes to me with ease and joy and glory

(On the photo my jeans and the yellow tin badge you can buy from John Davis).
What if you choose to try something like this, what would that create?
I decided to try daily mantra: 100 times; All Life Comes to Me With Ease and Joy and Glory. (Find the explanation of it here if you like: Here is my journey, perhaps it motivates you or maybe Not!:)

Every morning going for a walk I thought it or was mumbling All life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.

Week 1 – great resistance or even anger a bit, and who does that Belong to ? Ease can’t be mine, can it? lol
Week 2 – starting to get more comfortable with it and even believed it for a nano second during the 100 session
Week 3 – spotted people looking kind of…smiling, and realised I was smiling lightly that’s why they did smile at me! Science! lol
Week 4 – keeping smiling, asking many different kind of questions is actually easier after (going to the space or the place) of 100 times saying all life comes to me with ease and joy and glory
Week 5 – I am actually waiting that part of the day I can go and be with it. How can it get better than that?
I do not know if ease is showing up for me yet but for being able to say the words with ease is something too is not it?
I went from complete resistance to allowance. Isn’t it insane it was there at the first place?
How could you live it if you cannot even say the words, have to start from somewhere.
Certainly, do not do it, might be beneficial! So grateful for these access tools and you people here, just because! 💋