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Food & Emotions

Every food we eat is connected to a certain emotion.

Depending on what emotion you are feeding — do you crave sour, sweet or salty? Is it going round in circles?

Sour feeds guilt that sometimes can grow to accusing. Food and drinks help the body to balance out emotions until a person cannot tolerate sour anymore, their digestive system starts to resist, it gets ill until a person has resolved the cause of guilt.

People who say they can’t eat sour cannot bear to feel guilty.

Sweet feeds the fear in you. Eating sweets brings a peaceful and pleasant feeling, and yet again, if a person doesn’t deal with the root cause, the fear, and keeps eating sweets, they ultimately add to the fear that becomes greater, they just numb it temporarily with sugary drinks and foods. People who don’t eat sweet food don’t want to feel fear anymore.

‘Salt rises self-esteem and self-confidence. Exaggerating with it, destroys those qualities.’ (L.Viilma p.363)

By releasing guilt, you stop craving for sour, by releasing fear, you stop excessively craving sweets. By releasing anger, you do not need to feed it with meat anymore, and it is easy to transition to a vegetarian life without causing any health issues for your mind and body.

When a person eats balanced food, has all the tastes on their plate, they have balanced emotions and appetite and are less likely to get sick or overweight.

Healthy thinking leads to balanced emotions, leads to a healthy appetite, leads to a healthy mind and a healthy body.

What if every time craving something you ask yourself what stress am I feeding?

If you are interested in what your craving for a certain food means, you’re welcome to continue reading the extended article on my website.

A Milk person needs someone else to take care of their matters

Fish- expecting miracles, and wants to be the one to make them happen, also perfection peace of mind.

Lean meat — open, honest anger

Fatty meat — sly malicious anger

Grains — a sense of responsibility for the world

Wheat — a desire to learn about superficial things in life

Rice — a sharp, perfect view of the world

Corn ­- taking life lightly

Oats — yearning for knowledge

Potatoes — seriousness

Carrots — love for fun

Cabbage — kindness of heart

Bananas — loose morals

Grapes — satisfaction

Apples — a reasonable mind

Onions — acknowledging one’s mistakes

Tomato — Trust in oneself

Peas — logical thinking

Eggs — yearning for perfection, perfect life

Honey — Someone who has never experienced mother’s love cannot tolerate honey. Honey is motherly love.

If you cannot eat some things listed you are resistant to certain energy, thought feeling connected to the particular food.

‘… disturbances of the metabolic system illustrate the lack of balance in giving and receiving.’ (L.Viilma, ‘A teaching of survivol’ p.365)

I was diagnosed intolerant of lactose, gluten and sugar a while ago. Allergy is the disease of angry protest. There was something to think about, however, now it has decreased. I eat most of the things.

What if you can change your food intolerance by chaining the point of view that has caused it?

What is the guilt I am holding on to that if I would let it go would stop my craving for sour food?

‘…excessive eating nourishes only our stresses, not our body.’ (L.Viilma, ‘A teaching of survival’ p.366)